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Re: Do we even want another Star Trek movie?

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Third, what you should do is see the spoiler FAQ and tell us why you think what were not mentioned aren't flaws in the spoiler thread for this movie found in this forum:
No Ralfy, that's not what I asked. I asked you personally what you think the movie's flaws were. Don't tell me to go to some other website because that's evading my question. And don't use the excuse that you don't want to spoil people because there are spoiler tags you can use.

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First, I'm sorry that you can't get past the movie's flaws and enjoy it for what it is. Second, you have yet to state what you think those flaws actually are. Third, what I consider to be flaws and what some idiot internet reviewer considers to be flaws are two entirely different things. It's called subjectivity.
If you want to elevate the debate, then don't resort to name-calling.
Maybe if you took the time to actually read what I wrote instead of acting all high-and-mighty, you'd see that I wasn't calling ralfy an "idiot internet reviewer," I was calling the internet reviewer that ralfy was linking to on I09 an idiot.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”
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