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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Too bad they couldn't get Tom Welling, too!

That guy's just living off his 10 year salary(Plus residuals) from "Smallville"

He probably doesn't do those kinds of conventions

Sadly the track record for lead actors post "Superman" isn't good

Reeve- After "The quest for peace" his biggest movie was Children of the Corn. Then he had his horse riding accident.

Dean Cain- Forever stuck in tv movies

Welling- Did 3 movies during "Smallville" breaks and then nothing but "Smallville" and producing "Hellcats"

I'm hoping Cavill can break that trend. I really am! It's a really big hill to walk up.
I think being known for playing a superhero is no longer the problem for casting directors it was when Chris Reeve donned the cape. Look at how well the likes of Christian Bale (Oscar winner) and Hugh Jackman (Oscar nominee) or Toby Maguire have done in recent years.

Cain and Welling, frankly, aren't particularly good actors and probably wouldn't have become any bigger stars than they now are even if they hadnt played Clark Kent or his alter-ego. Their careers aren't any poorer than many tv actors after they leave a well-known show. Routh probably suffered from only playing Superman once in a movie that wasn't particularly popular.
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