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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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It was mentioned in a few of the interviews they did when the third season premiere was coming up. I've found this one reference from HitFix in March to the meeting with Martin this year where they went over where the storylines are heading in more detail:

They’re as worried about when the remaining books come out as you are: Actually, “I guess we spend more time worrying than the fans,” Benioff said. The two of them visited Martin at his home in Santa Fe back in February to pump him for information about where all the stories are going, so they can properly set them up in the world of the show, and “It was incredibly useful,” according to Benioff.
I thought I'd read elsewhere it was in a hotel boardroom rather than Martin's home. Either the various stories about it got things mixed up or my memory was faulty.
Thanks. I guess that explains some of those semi-bookspoilers that we got this season. Like the confirmation of Theon's gelding or Melissandre's "We will see each other again." to Arya.
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