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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Posted by ch'Rihan:
Hey, I'm totally new, I've done the bonjour thing in the Misc forum and the TNG one, so Good Morning Voyager. My favorite Voyager character was the Doctor, but I also liked Seven, Icheb, Kes, B'Elanna, and Janeway. Okay so I liked a lot of 'em. As much as I loved Voyager, there are things I wish we'd seen more of, but hopefully we'll see more development in the Voyager Relaunch novels. I really loved a lot of the earlier Voyager episodes, just because there was so much potential just waiting to be mined. It seemed there were tons of recurring characters in the beginning, they were all killed off (except for Naomi and Samantha Wildman) and we didn't really see anymore till near the end of the show unfortunately. Honestly, that's the thing I wish there had been more of, the recurring characters. I guess I just got so used to seeing such huge recurring casts on DS9 and Buffy. So anyways, hey everyone!
And "Hey" to you too!


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