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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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That is something I really don't want: a third reboot ...
Considering where Hollywood is headed, you'll probably get it.

I mean, with JJ gone for Star Wars, even if they squeeze out one more film, I see that being the end of the line for this continuity, after which they will probably think "We did fine, but there was too much collateral damage by trying to split the difference. We should just try a full reboot next time."

It would be kind of like the reboot of Spiderman and the pending reboot of Superman, without a long gap between. The audience has become accustomed to this sort of reboot cycle.
I agree. I believe it's not at all a question of if but when it happens (personally, I could see it happening with Star Trek XIV unless Abrams and the gang want to stick around for that).
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