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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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You forget that if Enterprise had fired it BEFORE they assimilated Picard, it probably would have worked.
Nope - the point is that Starfleet has nothing that could overwhelm the Borg adaptation ability by sheer force alone. The search for a weapon that works even after assimilation is futile.
Exactly. Come up with a bunch of NEW weapons that can crush them before they adapt to them. They didn't NEED to adapt tot he deflector blast, they got to literally pick Picard's brain and learn all they needed to know about it. If they hadn't gotten Picard, Best of Both Worlds would have been a one-parter.

What situation so far would have called for that?
Any situation in which the Borg actually desire to assimilate Earth. First Contact, for example, would have resulted in victory for the Borg if they had simply deployed two or more cubes to the job. As it stands it took the combined efforts of the entire fleet just to take down that one cube; the arrival of a second or third would have been lights out for Starfleet.
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