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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Quicksilver was manipulating her telepathically, not that he's telepathic, but the speed with which he thinks was used as a buffer to make billions of tiny adjustments to the hex that created the house of M. When House of M Magneto found out, he killed Quicksilver, and that reality folded. Wanda was unstable after the House of M from all that and came up with the No more Mutants idea all by herself minutes later after 616 re-established dominance.

The Witch was about to marry Doctor Doom. Had she kissed him with out the mask or even frakked him or was bashful Doom saving that for their wedding night? If Doom didn't "get intimate" that's an interesting argument for Victor Von Doom being a virgin.

Although I think Bendis had him embroiled in a love affair, a series of temporal bootie calls, with Morganna Le Fay.

I wonder how that effected Age of Ultron? Was all that happened in that other timeline because Doom and Morgan Lefay were not screwing, (How Doom's dick saved us all!) or is it because they did date, but those two villains had a seriously fucked up break up (How dooms dick doomed up all!).

But if Doom had been a virgin... Sending him on a datenight now and then might have at least halved his attempts at world domination.

Doom, double dating with Ben Grimm and a couple girls they picked up at the roller derby.

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