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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

That trailer was about the same as the others. A lot of stupid stuff (I guess black/grey is the only color allowed on Krypton), more explosions to prove they can do just as many as Michael Bay (well, ok, no one can do as many as him, but they're definately trying their best), and Zod has a weird clear helmet that makes his head look like the weird clear heads of the Guardians from the live action Green Lantern movie. Zod looks pretty wimpy next to Russel Crowe, who looks like he could kill Zod with one hand with basically no effort. Still, it gets points for not showing Jonathon Kent talk about drowning kids. When it comes to Cavill, I'm getting used to him being Superman (even with the stupid costume) and I guess Crowe could be decent, although I still have no desire to see Jor El actually fight anyone. The trailer also had a lot of average looking fight/cgi scene clips to go with the explosions. Can a movie have an angsty/brooding main character and enough explosions to make Michael bay happy? It looks like MoS is going to try.
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