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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x17 "Samaritan Snare"

No idea, since LaForge never got to hear the start of it and thus couldn't have synched his actions to the countdown. (Unless that mysterious "forced spectrum communications" served as a means of piping E-D commands to LaForge's VISOR or something.)

The basic plot is obvious: LaForge needs to get maximum access to Pakled systems, and he can do that by winning their trust. The beefing up of the photon torpedoes is a good way to do that. With the access, LaForge can then neutralize the Pakled threat.

Whether this would lead to LaForge being released, or LaForge being executed... How can the heroes tell? Surely the obvious Plan A would be to have transporters standing by so that LaForge could be beamed out the second he misuses the trust he has earned and drops shields. But our heroes prepare for none of that - they wait and see what the Pakleds will do after being tricked.

Oh, BTW, after several rewatches (not as painful as I thought), I now feel the Pakleds did have photon torpedoes. From the start, not thanks to LaForge's ministrations.

LaForge: "You've got to be kidding."
Grebnedlog: "Make us strong."
LaForge: "Come on. There's not enough juice in these to blow up a passing asteroid."
Grebnedlog: "Do it. Make us strong."
LaForge: "I suppose we could increase the antimatter charges."
Reginod: "Yes. We like power."
LaForge: "Yeah."
Grebnedlog: "Do not try to trick us. We can tell."
Obviously, they couldn't. But the Pakled ship did already possess something that wasn't capable of blowing up asteroids but nevertheless physically existed and was based on antimatter charges. LaForge's eventual "You have photons" does not need to be interpreted as him saying "You didn't have photons before", then.

Timo Saloniemi
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