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The premises established here is that Enterprise has to hide from the locals in order to obey the PD, and that the locals are presumably unable to detect the ship under water. So, it's logical to hide the ship under water.
Presumably they are unable to detect it in space. It's logical to hide it in space. More so, given the established primitive nature of the locals (they're more likely to take a swim than fly into space).

It shouldn't need to be said that challenging anything as being an "impossible event" is completely meaningless in Star Trek or most other fantasy movies.
Why most and not all? Challenging anything in any movie is meaningless but there is enjoyment to be had in discussing it although I guess that means nothing to you, Buzzkill.
Personally, I don't get any enjoyment only a headache! There are times I wish I could avoid discussions of this sort - but I love Star Trek and need to get my fix. I can't watch a movie and breakdown every nuance and feel good. Just like for me going to baseball games - I can't enjoy myself if I had to think about every stat. It too much like work!
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