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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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I don't think we're quite ready for a female doctor yet. Can't think of a suitable candidate either.
Romola Garai.
Never heard of her.

Googled her. Out of all the female suggestions, she's not that bad, but I only really saw a brief image of her. Could work as a companion though......
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Because it'll be a gimmick.
No, it'll be a casting decision.
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Plus with Moffat behind it, it will be as bad as that mess "the doctors wife".
Oooh, it'll be as "bad" as one of the best written, highly regarded stories of the revised series. That would suck....
I hated it. A lot of people I know don't like it either. So dull and boring.
DalekJim wrote: View Post
Pointless debate as it'll never happen. Say what you will about Moffat but he's not that dumb.
I wouldn't put it past him. But I doubt even Moffat would do it. I have a feeling that although RTD's my favourite writer on the show, he'd be the most likely candidate hire a female doctor. JNT might have done it too if the series wasn't cancelled in 89.
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