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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

8x9-Sacrifices: Get your tux on cause Rya'C is getting married to a gal from Ishta's clan of Jaffa. Good to see Jolene Blalock back again(especially seeing as how Enterprise is still on). The thrust of the episode seems to be about gender equality among Ishta's group of Jaffa rebels. Discarding the old ways. Rya'Cs new bride balks at kneeling to him during the ceremony. Bra'tec with the funny line about "seeing the need to rehearse these things". Ishta and her Jaffa have mostly been fighting against the Gou'ald Molock and intel leads them to believe their base may have been discovered. The SGC locates a new world to relocate them and a hastily done summitt is convened for Ishta and other rebel Jaffa. We discover that a plant must be in the midst as Molock shows up and slaughters the participants. Ishta Teal'C and another manage to escape. Molock ends up capturing Ista and torturing her. The SGC is able to send in an armed drone to even the odds and all ends mostly well...except for lots of dead Jaffa.
Rya'C and his bride mend their ways and get married. Teal'C asks him if he's ready for a certain "honeymoon" procedure and that to make sure the knife his sharp. Rya'C wryly smiles and says maybe some of the old customs can be done away with. I'm thinking this was a circumcision joke?

8x10-Endgame: Those bastards who tried to kill Industrialist Coulson from a few episodes ago are back, The Trust. They have plants all over top secret bases. One of their plants manages to place a homing beacon on the Stargate and it's beamed right out of the SGC. This is the first episode that reveals how Osiris got to Earth and that she has a cloacked ship in orbit. Which the Trust has managed to get ahold of via their spys within Area 51. Come to find out they are going to use the Tok'ra poison(last seen in like S6) to wipe out Gou'ald dominated worlds. Any Jaffa are seen as casualties of war. Sam argues they've been bred that way, they are just following orders when one of the Trust members throws out the historical "geez, where have I heard that before" line. They manage to attack a number of worlds, one was a rebel Jaffa site. Now I'm unsure and they never say but the look on Tea'C's face has me wondering, was that where Ishta went? Did the writers kill Ishta off camera just now? The SGC is able to locate Osiris ship and reclaim the Stargate. However, one Trust member is able to escape with the ship anyway and it's payload of Tok'ra poison. No doubt a follow up to this is coming. While The Trust's actions can be seen as extreme, I'm not so sure it's not an acceptable war time move. The only thing I'd alter is to alert rebel Jaffa ahead of time that the poison is coming and to be gone, Tok'ra as well. They will lose as many lives trying to convert loyal Jaffa as they might gain. The Gou'ald are at war with the Tarrae, it's a zero sum game for them. May as well play by their rules.

8x11-Gemini: The Replicator Sam Carter contacts the SGC, saying she's fleeing Fifth and wants to be destroyed. O'Neill has an awkward moment comment about "be nice if there were two Sam Carters". Replicators are clearly The Borg of this show as I suspected they might be not long after they appeared. Replicator Sam doesn't really want to die, she wants to kill Fifth and take his place as the leader of the Replicators. Which happens. So basically Sam Carter(replicate) wants to rule the universe...nice. Out of these 4 episodes on this disc this was my least favorite actually. What does Gate fandom think of this one?

8x12-Prometheus Unbound: Claudia Black turns up, I knew the Farscape alum were coming in the later season, seen the DVD covers. Aeryn is first and it was a fun episode! Also showing back up is General Hammond. I admit the way he was talking about wanting to "be in on the action" and having regret about sending men out who never returned gave a specter of death over this episode. Black plays a human who shows up and to her surprise is able to commandeer the Prometheus away from it's crew, all except Daniel Jackson. She also has come into some of the advanced energy absorbing armor of Anubis' clone warriors which aids her in that end. Hammond and Co. are all transported to a disabled Gou'ald ship. There is some humor with a technician who has continual hiccups, but is seemingly cured by shows end. It also seems like the spinoff show Atlantis must be airing now as it's mentioned Hammond is taking Daniel with him on the Prometheus to get to their last known location to begin a rescue attempt. When they get Vala's distress signal and it's only a few minutes off course that's why this story unfolds in the first place. So whenever I get around to Atlantis I should rewatch this episode...or not?
Vala feeds Daniel a line about being a freedom fighter cause she used to be host to a Gou'ald....but got better. She's trying to free her people and this ship will enable them to transport all of them to safety. Nobel cause, Daniel says why didn't you just ask. Vala has put the ship locked into a rendezvous coordinates and when Daniel is able to take the ship back and put her in the brig he finds out their stop is to pick up some refined weapons grade naquadia. The reveal of his name to the weapons dealer is priceless....I'm....Solo....Han, Solo.
Back on the disabled Gou'ald ship Hammond pulls a James Kirk and does all the heavy lifting himself....and almost dies. They led us that way for a few minutes those punk writers.
Hammond gets the crystals needed to re-power the ship and he catches up to the Prometheus and Daniel and bails him out. Vala is now their prisoner....and as she states, what are you going to do do with me? Can't wait to find out. Will she be the new Jonas Quinn type character. SG-1 has tip toed around a 3 member team for awhile now and I know she's a regular next season. Seen the DVD covers at the store and all.
Really, really enjoyed this episode. A repeat viewer of an ep for sure.
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