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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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23. So what was Khan's plan?
Copying this from a comment on RLM review.

"You totally misunderstood the plot that was all exposed by Cumberbatch.

Section 31 finds Bottany Bay, wakes Khan and threaten to kill his crew if he doesn't help them design weapons and shit.

Khan tries to escape with his crew by smuggling them in torpedoes.

He's discovered and has to flee by himself.

He assumes that his crew is killed by Marcus as retaliation.

Goes on a terrorist rampage for revenge and steals a transwarp
transporter device from Section 31 programmed to beam to
Kronos because that's how they spy on the Klingons.

Marcus, totally aware of the torpedioes content sends Kirk to Kill Khan with his own crew and sabotage the Enterprise to start a war with the Klingons.

Kirk grows a conscience and threatens Khan with the torpedoes to make him surrender instead.

Khan Realizes that Marcus sent Kirk to kill him with his own
crew. It's easy to deduce, Marcus would never want him alive, and
Starfleet would never threaten to fire torpedoes on Kronos and provoke a
war unless they were untraceable. The only untraceable torpedoes
Starfleet has have 72 augments in them.

Khan realises the ship is not moving because Marcus sabotaged it. If he hadn't, Kirk could have killed Khan and is old crew, but would not have started a war with the Klingons because the Enterprise would have left and torpedoes were untraceable.

Khan surrendered because he had no choice to save his crew and he spills all his beans to Kirk because it's his only chance to survive.

Khan didn't plan shit in advance he reacted to every situation.

The only issue is the transporters who only work when it suits the plot.

Also the movie is a clear criticism of Obama's drone assassination program and Khan is an analogy for the CIA using Jihadist as operatives and it getting blown in their face.

It's not very profound but at least it's current."

I'll also add that even if Kirk had fired one torpedo to kill Khan while on Kronos, Admiral Marcus would be there to destroy the Enterprise and all the other torpedos. It was just a convenient way to get rid of all the augments.
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