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Re: What are you reading?

I finished Under the Dome a few days ago and wanted to stew on it. I read it because I'm looking forward to the TV show that is coming up. I really do hope they stray from the book a lot. Under the Dome is a bad book, a readable but bad book. Stephen Kings greatest ability is to write as if someone is talking to you. It works well with long, drawn out plots to keep you interested and going. However on works like this, where everyone is a walking cliche and misogyny abounds, it comes off as bad fan fiction. In fact change the names and this could be Lost fan fiction. I felt as reading it that SK said to himself after watching Lost, I want to write a better Lost and sorry he failed.

Now I'm reading book two of Songs of Fire and Ice, A Clash of Kings. I just started watching season two of Game of Thrones on BluRay and I'm four episodes in. What I do is watch episodes and follow closely with the book. I enjoy seeing the changes and differences and where they keep faithful to the book. I have season three of Games of Thrones on my DVR, I got finally got HBO. I figure that I can go directly into Season three after season two and should be done in time for season four and the next book.
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