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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I just fined reading the TOS novel The Shocks of adversity by William Leiner excellent writing in this book.I really liked the focused on the characters was well done. I'm now reading TNG Dragon's honor by John Peel.
Er, Dragon's Honor was by Kij Johnson and myself. Are you perhaps reading a John Peel novel with another title?

If you're actually reading Dragon's Honor, I hope you like it!
Yes Greg I'm really enjoying it .Sorry for any confusion the titles sound a lot alike.
No problem. With 700-plus Trek books, it's easy to get the titles mixed up.

True story: My Voyager book, The Black Shore, was originally titled Paradise, but my editor asked me to change it in order to avoid confusion with another Voyager book, The Garden, which was coming out the same year. It was a good call; The Black Shore is a much better title than the rather generic Paradise.
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