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No. It's not required that the filmmakers explain why an option presumed to exist isn't utilized, though it might be nice.
Of all the flaws that exist in this film, this is simply the one I cannot come up with a "Trek-explanation" for. It's fucking cool, I've drooled every single time I've seen the movie. But every time I leave, it's the one thing that I reflect on that makes zero sense.
Perhaps [Trekkie hat] the same thing that prevents anything other than a line of sight beam out somehow interferes with the sensors of the ship at any distance greater than where they are parked underwater.[/Trekkie hat] That we don't see/hear that discussion is because we pick up the "adventure" in mid-stride. Had it been a self-contained episode shown from its beginning, I suspect such an explanation (or something similar) would have been part of the conversation. Again, this is something I can work out for myself without needing an explicit statement from a character (much like the way I don't get worked up about not being shown transit travel between two points when "speed of plot" is employed). YMMV
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