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Logic is built from premises. The premises established here are that Enterprise has to hide from the locals in order to obey the PD, and that the locals are presumably unable to detect the ship under water. So, it's logical to hide the ship under water.
Unless the locals have a way to observe a starship in orbit, it's illogical not to hide it there.
No. It's not required that the filmmakers explain why an option presumed to exist isn't utilized, though it might be nice for fans familiar with previous Star Trek history.

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But I think it constitutes a plot-hole because it violates the rules of the universe and ignores the capabilities of the Enterprise as defined in these movies.
These are all rules defined elsewhere, not within the plot of the movie. Therefore, while it may be annoying it's still not a plot hole since it doesn't violate the logic of events in the movie.

Having submerged the ship at the opening of the movie, if later in the story there'd been a good reason to take the ship underwater and they chose not to because "it's impossible for the Enterprise to submerge," that would have been a plot hole.
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