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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Finally found some time to admire some eps of the really astonishing S3 BDs.
I'm still so overwhelmed, goose bumps every few minutes and tears running down my cheek out of pure joy and gratitude!
It starts off at the first ep with a very beautiful effect shot already by which I've been blown away right on. All those shots and effects can finally get they deserved admiration.
Now after all those years the real beauty of the show comes to surface. Just look at "Captain's holidays" first minute, these awesome colored and detailed aliens... what a piece of worthy artwork!
I'd like to thank and praise the people that were involved there, they did such a lovely job, episode for episode!!
Really a shame that the show was visually repressed due to technical limitations on so many levels for more than two decades...
This is somehow like "full circle" now... finally it all comes to the surface.
I'm so proud of my Blu-ray sets and can't wait to call them all mine. What a beautiful lightening gem in my collection, always to be presented on my shelf with honor and pride to everyone visiting me.
Thank you for TNG, to all people involved, then and now! I love you!!

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