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Re: airlock placemente in TMP Enterprise

...It's too bad that TOS showed cargo being handled with a six-pad unit in "Dagger of the Mind". I mean, it was a unique set (the back wall with the circuit board was never seen in transporter rooms that handled personnel) and could have been the ship's dedicated cargo transporter, but it didn't look the part. The pad was still small, it was still two steps up from the floor level, and there were no doors wider than the standard size to allow the cargo to be moved beyond the room.

This all sort of undermines the idea that the TOS ship would already have had dedicated large cargo transporters, although it doesn't make their existence impossible. And I really hope such things existed both in TOS and TMP despite remaining unseen.

But moving from a StarBase to the ship would probably be more energy efficient by Workbee.
Would our heroes be concerned with energy efficiency, though? It's not as if Starfleet would ever consider the energy costs of anything when pondering alternate courses of action - except in those rare situations where energy was too low to do anything much, due to some emergency.

The workbee looks cool and all, but it really dumbs down Star Trek technology. In the 2260s, we see a fantastic flying saucer with cigars bolted on dashing between stars and teleporting people at will - and suddenly in the 2270s (or perhaps 2280s), we are back to docking ports, airlocks and flimsy little pods maneuvering on puffs of rocket thrust. It's as if space technology went back two centuries!

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