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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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The trouble with a lot of the female Doctors being postulated is that they’re very conventionally attractive, and I’m not sure the Doctor should be that hot!

Ok I’m coming at it from a straight male perspective, but it strikes me that in the handsomeness stakes really only Davison and McGann count in terms of past Doctors. You could maybe throw Tennant in there but he is a bit gawky looking. This doesn’t mean people don’t find other Doctor actors attractive, certainly all three modern Docs have had whole armies of admirers, but precious few of the Who actors would be in line for classic romantic lead parts, on the whole they’re character actors,and maybe that’s the way it should be? As I say it’s not that I don’t want an attractive Doctor if they went down the female route (though it would be decidedly odd to suddenly fancy the Doctor) but I’d rather it was the kind of flawed beauty of someone like Garai than the perfection of a Pulver or a Watson.
I agree, if a Doctor is hot (Male or Female), it shouldn't be because they have model/romantic lead good looks, it should be because their quirkiness is so adorable

A Doctor that's just a pretty face, without some kind of quirky flaw(s), just isn't The Doctor, IMHO.
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