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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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But the thing I was commenting on was that no such dialogue is found in Trek. There's no "windage" as such, merely caution expressed on rare encounters with "space tornadoes". There's no benefit from a "tailwind" and no penalty from a "headwind" in dialogue, only the rare panic when a "subspace sandbar" drastically alters the environmental impact on propulsion.
Does anything need to be said when actions occur indicating the effect of environment on a ship, even at warp?

In TOS, warp too close to a planet or star and it'll slow the effective speed to below sublight.

Fly into an ion storm (the equivalent of a space typhoon or hurricane given the size) and you'll need strong engines to push through it.

In the middle of a space battle, duck into a nearby nebula (the equivalent to naval ships taking refuge in a squall with lightning) and there is a definite resistance when entering it.

You can observe the effects as depicted even without dialogue. No one on the bridge warns anyone about getting stopped by the Mutara Nebula and having to push in. Yet, the effects of space environment, the existence of a "weather report", does show that it does affect the flight of a starship. At least that's how I see it for TOS and the TOS movies. It's different when you look at the other series.
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