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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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The only people integral to the story are Kirk and Spock. Everything else is just fluffy stuff window dressing for Kirk and Spock. That includes Bone's bitching about things, Uhura kissing Spock, Marcus undoing torpedoes, Scotty faffing about..

It's Kirk and Spock vs their Enemy. And probably will be next movie.
This. And it has been true since the beginning (with TOS). I see no reason whatsoever that the filmmakers, whomever they might be, should be under any obligation to do anything differently. If they want to, fine. Even better if it actually works as entertainment. But as an obligation? No.

Commercial entertainment is under no obligation to conform to any particular set of characteristics that self-appointed guardians of "the way things ought to be" have deemed necessary. Such entertainment should only try to meet those expectations if it is an organic element of the thing (movie, TV programme, song, painting, sculpture…etc.) they are producing. People are free, of course, to voice their disappointment if the result doesn't meet their expectations. They have no right, however, to expect satisfaction.

And failing to meet any of those arbitrary sets of standards does not automatically mean that the entertainers hate/don't understand whatever cause they "failed" to properly reflect in their work in a manner sufficient to please the "guardians". That is a specious assumption and does little to advance the cause in question.
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