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Re: Why Let Khan Live?

[qujote]Khan was not a legitimate government. He was a dictator who seized power by force.[/quote]

So was George Washington. Doesn't mean zip for his legitimacy or lack thereof.

He wasn't recognized as a head of state according to normal diplomatic channels.
There's no basis for such a claim.

And if Kirk and the rest of Starfleet had been more diligent about putting warning beacons in orbit and all that, there would have been no chance of somebody else accidentally stumbling across Khan.
So you don't think there are any warning beacon chasers in Trek?

A class M planet not claimed by anyone? Seemed a little peculiar to me
...But happens rather frequently in all the shows. It's probably just that in the billions of years that various civilizations have reigned over the galaxy, about 100% of suitable rock planets have been terraformed (which in turn has promoted the growth of younger cultures that are compatible with terraforming, including mankind). When cultures die or ascend to higher planes of boredom, planets are left to fallow and, depending on the quality of terraforming, may remain Earthlike for billions of years. Or then degrade into hellholes that nevertheless retain an otherwise unlikely oxygen atmosphere...

And I'd have expected a probe would be left in the vicinity to monitor things like keeping away visitors.
I don't really see this sort of a scheme working. If somebody is interested in taking empty-looking Class M worlds, he will take them, probe or no probe... If not, he won't bother coming close enough to make a difference.

Timo Saloniemi
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