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Re: Blue about Paths of Disharmony

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I finished this one today and I have some questions/issues.

1. Given the state of advanced medicine shown on TNG and other shows, how can fertility still be a problem in the Star Trek universe? I get the impression the Andorian fertility issues might be in other novels or the like but its news to me.
It comes up a lot in the DS9 novels set after the TV series (which began waaaaaay back in 2001). The Andorian stuff from TP: PoD continues in Titan: Fallen Gods.

Andorian fertility issues didn't strike me as implausible, alien biology and whatnot. I do think that, based on a simple perusal of demographic statistics, outsiders would have an idea that something was up. ("Hmm. Even though average age at marriage has dropped sharply along with overall rates of involuntary celibacy, completed fertility has still fallen.")

2. I was thinking this book was going to feature the Andorians more and go into their history and culture. Not much there at all. And I really don't understand why...
I think (although I haven't read it yet so can't be sure) that Andorian history and culture was already explored in some depth in Worlds of DS9: Cardassia/Andor, and since TP: PoD is in the same continuity, the author presumably didn't want to re-cover the same ground.
For the record, I thought that Paths of Disharmony did a decent job of building on the detailed provided in Jarman's novella. The worldbuilding had already been done earlier.
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