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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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Bring down bits of the One True Cross while you're at it. Sheesh. Such hyperbole.
You're just unable to process the skill and talent required to create such an amazing work as the one Hober Mallow posted. That's okay. In time, it will come to you, as it came to me.
Turist Ímer Uzay Yolunda (translated: Ímer the Tourist in Star Trek) is one of a series of Turkish comedy (and I use the term "comedy" loosely) films starring the madcap character Ímer the Tourist--sort of like the series of Ernest Goes To... movies starring the late Jim Varney. You can find a bit more about this 1973 cinematic masterpiece at:

Our production got tired of waiting for further productions from them, and so we're working on Ímer the Tourist in Star Trek: Phase II. It will incorporate elements of the aborted Ímer the Tourist in Star Trek: Phase II" Turkish TV series that never got off the ground years ago--but with the addition of our 21st century sensibilities. But this is the really exciting part: we actually got Cemil Sahbaz to come back to play the role of the father of our Kaptan Kirk character. Who would have thought we'd get the Big Cheese himself in a fan production! We had to shall out a lot of dollars to secure his services. (Well, Turkish Lira.)
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