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Re: Blue about Paths of Disharmony

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I finished this one today and I have some questions/issues.

1. Given the state of advanced medicine shown on TNG and other shows, how can fertility still be a problem in the Star Trek universe? I get the impression the Andorian fertility issues might be in other novels or the like but its news to me.
It comes up a lot in the DS9 novels set after the TV series (which began waaaaaay back in 2001). The Andorian stuff from TP: PoD continues in Titan: Fallen Gods.
2. I was thinking this book was going to feature the Andorians more and go into their history and culture. Not much there at all. And I really don't understand why...
I think (although I haven't read it yet so can't be sure) that Andorian history and culture was already explored in some depth in Worlds of DS9: Cardassia/Andor, and since TP: PoD is in the same continuity, the author presumably didn't want to re-cover the same ground.
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