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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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...But how to create an explosion bigger than the ones the Borg have shrugged off so far? The main deflector of Starfleet's biggest and baddest ship, presumably her most powerful weapon even in theory, failed to make a dent.

Anyway, if technology overwhelms the Borg, they can always adapt in terms of tactics. A weapon strong enough to annihilate Cubes with one shot? Just send a thousand Cubes! Or fire first.

Really, there's no future to devising stronger and stronger weapons, as this only makes the Borg stronger. What one needs is a weapon that kills with one shot, yes - but also a means of ensuring that the Borg gain no information from this kill. Basically, a whopping big death ray that also emits a jamming field (say, Nero's drill ramped up thousandfold) to cut off communications with the rest of the Collective should offer a chance of success.

Timo Saloniemi
There are limits to the amount of energy a ship/cube can produce thus how strong the shields can be, overpower them and blow them to pieces, there is NOTHING to adapt to, same with photon torpedoes what's there to adapt? Nothing, matter and aniti matter collide= boom, more matter and anti matter = bigger boom, there is nothing to adapt to, make a 6000 gigaton tnt torp and you'll vaporize a cube no matter if its know to the Borg that it just a really really reeeeeaaaaally big torpedo.
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