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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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Inconsistancy is bad characterisation, most people behave in a consistant way (most of the time). They don't tend to fluctuate back and forth on a weekly basis.
Not really. You can even see it in reality.
So are you saying that most pepole most of the time don't behave in a consistant way? Persons behaving in a manner which is inconsistant manner with their normal behaviour would be an exceptioon rather than the norm.

So in the same situtation or broadly similiar situation that a person has come across before they are likely to behave in a consistant manner. I.e. do the same thing they did before if it worked last time. If it didn't work last time they would try something different.

But most people tend to hold the same principals, they wouldn't tend to fluctuate that much. I.e if you believe the law should be upheld, next week you can't say lets ingore the law, then the following day/week etc.. to be the law must be up held, then back to when I do it it's not against the law.
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