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Re: Do we even want another Star Trek movie?

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First, I'm sorry that you can't get past the movie's flaws and enjoy it for what it is. Second, you have yet to state what you think those flaws actually are. Third, what I consider to be flaws and what some idiot internet reviewer considers to be flaws are two entirely different things. It's called subjectivity.
The only way to get past the major flaws in this movie is to treat it as a video game and be awed by the special effects and handsome actors.

Second, the flaws are found in the IO9 spoiler FAQ and other sources, as mentioned earlier. I can't give more details because I don't think this thread is meant for spoilers.

Third, what you should do is see the spoiler FAQ and tell us why you think what were not mentioned aren't flaws in the spoiler thread for this movie found in this forum:

Finally, even subjectivity contains a measure of objectivity.
I stopped reading at:

"...even the ship designed to function in the vacuum of space could handle the pressures underwater ó which Iím 99% sure it canít..."

Which alone displays the writer's sheer lack of Trek knowledge. For starters, you may remember Insurrection hiding a village-sized holoship underwater on the Ba'ku planet.
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