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Re: Why do non gamers bash gamers?

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No, you can't. Video games are interactive, so that rules out books and movies as they're linear. As for board games, they're fun, but that game of Pandemic I played last night has absolutely no relation to that game of Grand Theft Auto 4 I just wrapped up. The thrill of that parachute/boat/car race I took part in isn't something a board game can replicate.
Yes, you can. Books and movies aren't "linear" in the sense that you can go back to particular chapters and scenes, talk to others about them, create other works of art based on them, etc. There's your interactivity. Believe it or not, it has been taking place for decades. In fact, books and movies themselves are a result of that same imagination.

The same goes for board games, not to mention war games, which have existed for centuries.

Finally, if what you are looking for is "thrill," then nothing beats the real thing. But if you want to find meaning in that "thrill," then you don't need video games.

Your interpretation of what a video game is is very narrow and not at all in line with what they currently are. Simulation is very much an element of video games and has become increasingly important over the last decade as games attempt to become more immersive. Open world sandbox games are some of the most popular around because of the freedom they give they player to have fun in a simulated world. Whether you get your kicks from the historical tourism in the Assassin's Creed games, or from tethering two jetliners together in Just Cause 2 just to see what happens, they're still video games. They're not something that any other form of entertainment can really replicate, and they'll continue to improve as our technology does.
No, simulation is not "very much an element of video games," as the latter includes even interactive fiction.

The problem is that your definition of video games is so narrow you don't even include games that involve little or no graphics.
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