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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

Generations annoys me the most. The Nexus can send anyone anywhere back or forward in time. Picard's had a shit week:
- His uncle and nephew are dead
- Armagosa went nova, wiping out a star system
- Geordi was tortured by the Klingons
- Veridian went nova, wiping out a star system
- The Enterprise and her crew died in said supernova (although Picard may not have known this)

So he has the chance to go back and stop Soren; he could've gone back to 10 Forward and arrested him, preventing the loss the Armagosa star system.

He could've gone back a week and prevented the death of his family members.

So what does he do? Go back in time to 3 minutes before the trillithium device launches and tries to fight Soren exactly the same way but brings back a 67 year old guy to help.

Uh huh.
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