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Blue about Paths of Disharmony

I finished this one today and I have some questions/issues.

1. Given the state of advanced medicine shown on TNG and other shows, how can fertility still be a problem in the Star Trek universe? I get the impression the Andorian fertility issues might be in other novels or the like but its news to me.

2. I was thinking this book was going to feature the Andorians more and go into their history and culture. Not much there at all. And I really don't understand why...

3. Did anyone else think the scale of things was off? On the TV shows we saw very little because of budget contraints. I don't understand why Andor was basically just a city, some Aenar ruins and the environs of a power facility.

4. The whole thing with the Tholian ambassador really didn't work for me. I really appreciate the tie-in to Vanguard as I loved that series but this felt very much like something happening because the plot outline demanded it and not as a result of the plot unfolding in an organic fashion. I don't but the Andorians believing the Tholians and I don't buy them getting that deep into Federation space without being challenged. I realize this is post that big Borg dust-up but really! The universe is not in that kind of shambles!

5. Alot of time is spent on developing stuff on board the enterprise-E and not so much on issues on the ground on Andor. I don't understand why none of this was developed in further detail.

I'm a big fan of the Andorians and I really wanted to love this book but I didn't. Andor leaving the Federation was a shocker sure but the road getting there in the book was not especially plausible or interesting.

And it could have been...
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