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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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I disagree that any ship should be warping in and out so close to any planet, for that very reason. It's similar to driving your car really fast just because you can right up until the point some other tw*t is driving his car really really fast in the opposite direction.
And yet ambulance drivers and police officers do it all the time.
I work in motor accident claims and believe me, a LOT of accidents happen at speed (although more happen through driving too close and not looking when reversing). The purpose of the siren is to warn oncoming traffic to slow down and pill over but even then I've seen accidents. What consequences are there warping space which another object in front of you already occupies? Anti-matter imbalance allowed it in TMP - is there a fail-safe that prevents it? If so, how did the JJprise warp into a debris field?
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