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Re: Generations Concept Uniforms?

Andymator wrote: View Post
Well, all I can say is that I completely disagree with this sentiment. I'm happy they did the best they could to address the problem instead of just having the movie look crappy.
Using the crappy new uniforms wouldn't have made that movie any more crappy than it already was.

We saw space station personnel wearing TNG style uniforms in season 6's "Aquiel" after Deep Space Nine began.
That's easy enough to rectify. The subspace relay station was manned by a temporary two-man crew, probably for three months or so, before transferring to starship duty. So not being permanently attached to the station (like Worf wasn't until he accepted a permanent transfer to DS9), there was no need to switch duty uniforms.

It's not obvious at all. In fact the only evidence that points to that conclusion is the fact that we don't see them in use on starships until "Generations".
So what was the purpose in having them at all in DS9 then? Why didn't they just use the standard TNG uniform then if it wasn't a nod to having a station duty uniform instead of a starship duty uniform?

We also don't see them in use anywhere else until "Generations" except deep space nine, but it would be silly to think that following that logic they must only be in use on deep space nine and nowhere else.
Because as I said before, we never saw any other space station personnel other than DS9 while those uniforms were being used, with the exception of Relay Station 47, which I've given a hypothesis for. I don't find it silly at all, since it seems to me that the whole point of switching the uniforms was to delineate space station duty, as I said above.

The Old Mixer wrote: View Post
They were probably just a new design that was being phased in. As DS9 was a spanking-new Starfleet acquisition, they got started with the new uniforms. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.
But DS9 was originally just some backwater assignment, overseeing the new Bajoran provisional government out in the boonies. If it was a new across-the-board uniform that was being phased in, I'd think DS9 would have been the last place it would have started.

Captain Verata wrote: View Post
The problem with this idea is when anyone leaves the station, like the time Sisko went to Starfleet Command in "Paradise Lost", they would change into the regular uniform from TNG. Even O'Brien was seen wearing the new DS9 uniform then changed back into the TNG one when he went back to say goodbye to Picard on the Enterprise.
This is true.

Third Nacelle wrote: View Post
^I love the AGT uniform. It's pretty close to being my favorite Starfleet unform!
Really? You like a uniform where the pants look like they're hiked right up to your armpits? You must be a senior citizen
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