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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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It was the engine room again - however, the gym's exercise bars were still visible on the back wall, so it's arguable that the "ship's theatre" was in fact an in-universe redress of the gym too!
Some sort of multi-function room perhaps? After all, a large space solely devoted to theatre on a Starship seems a bit much - how often would it get used?
I'm working on a set of deck plans which are, admittedly, somewhat re-imagined, and I'm including a largish area of dedicated theater space. Though inspired by the scenes from "The Conscience of the King," it occurs to me that an area where you can seat a large group of persons in stadium style seating would be handy for things like full department briefings and training seminar type activities. Use as an actual theater... that is, for stage plays and entertainment, may be more common than we suppose in the 23rd Century. But there are enough more practical reasons to have such a facility that I think it's justified.

Like I said, not at all what was in the show... But there's plenty of room for it.It's positioned so the raked floor is on the inside hull of the sloping conical area of the lower saucer.

This probably isn't helpful for Donny's project, but i thought I'd share.

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