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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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So cruel. Did 7 ask for Janeway to reject both her and Chakotay and drive them into each other's arms? No!

I'm still in shock they J/C'd it for reals in Treklit, never expected that. Not because there wasn't reason for it but because Treklit seemed hellbent on Janeway getting nothing but pain. Hopefully in the next book(s) it's just a normal, good relationship and not an angst excuse like with the TNG couples.
I was SO happy with Eternal Tide...not only does Janeway come back to life, but one of the last scenes is her in bed with Chakotay saying "I love you."

Made me happy at least~

If there is a next book and it's nothing but J/C angst and pain I will pretend it doesn't exist...
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