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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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How pissed off would the J/C'ers be if the fake J and C actually got it on, waking up in bed next to each other, the whole deal and then it was the fake ones!!! Quite a troll.
Probably not as much as what we actually got, and I can tell you there were a lot of pretty pissed fans out there. That's why there is far more Voyager fan fiction on than all the other Treks combined. That's why there is even a face book group for J/C fan fiction recommendations even to this day.

It is also what sparked all the - Now Tea Cake please cover your eyes, I love you the way you are and I respect your favorite paring - I'm just reporting -


"Die Seven Die" fan fiction contests around the ending of the show.
You can look now.

And all the let's get together and fix this travesty fan fictions generated since then. I think the last thing the J/C fandom actually did as a whole before the huge big breakup in 2003 was a novel called "Tying The Threads."

The first fan fiction I wrote was a fix "Endgame" fic. around 2003. I plotted out and then tried to give it to my daughter, but she made me write it. Now I am working on an original novel. Maybe I should be grateful to the producers but I'm not lol.
As a fellow J/Cer, I understand. It's the reason it pains me to re-watch Endgame. :/

I think Seven was an awesome addition to the show and I think she is hilarious...just not for Chakotay.
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