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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

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-Archer is cool....I like him, but he seems to lack a great deal of scientific knowledge compared to other captains. I understand his father was involved with the invention of their warp drive and so he was made captain...but is that what an organization of that magnitude would really do? I would think they would prefer to pick the most competent person and not the most adventurous one or because of nepotism.
Yeah, that's one of the problems I had with him too. I think they address some of this later on in an episode so it's not so bad, but he's got a lot of issues for a Starfleet captain, I'll tell you that. Just keep watching.

-The bigotry Trip evokes on T'Pol. Reminds me of how the U.S. acted (and still acts) towards other cultures. However, I do realize that all of the ignorance between the species demonstrates the comparison between how different Earth cultures acted towards each other before a global economy and showing that interacting with other species may not be so different.
-Have to say it....theme doesn't match other Trek! But I like it now anyway.

Overall I really am enjoying it though. I am curious as to how T'Pol's relationship with the crew will evolve.
Again, yes. Both he and Archer don't seem to treat her very well, do they? I think you'll like how she develops along with the rest of the crew. At least I did, but then, I like Vulcans.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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