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Re: '300 years ago' , in this film's context, was the 1950s!

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In this new Trek timeline, it is 2258 or 59 or something like that. So '300 years' ago would be the 1950s. Have they retconned the dates of the Eugenics Wars again? Might have been better if they just merged WW3 and the Eugenics Wars into the one conflict, and said 200 years (the 2050s)
Its accurate because Khan would have born in the 1950's and was around 40 years old during the eugenics wars.

Wouldn't that make Khan around 300 years old in 2258?
I'm going with this.

And, yeah, 300 years is just rounding. I don't blame them for not wanting to mention the 1990s. I wouldn't want to either. It's the "Don't ask, don't tell" of Star Trek.

It's safe to say that Khan wasn't born in the decade he was from. So, Khan being born in the 1950s makes sense.

Rounding or not, it works either way.

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Of course, in reality it's probably because the writers didn't have a clue how the timeline was supposed to unfold.
It was pretty much human error.

Ron Moore used to do Q&A online during the '90s when DS9 was on. He said that he had the line "200 years ago" from TWOK on his mind while writing Dr. Bashir, I Presume? and realize he had a mistake until later, and no one else caught it.
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