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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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...and that the show seems to feel Lost-style conspiracy stories are a more valuable arc than stories about the relationships between aliens feels like a mistake. Defiance has a great premise and a good idea for an ensemble but it's not handling this all that well.
That's a good point. Too many shows these days are so fixated on having big story arcs and mysteries that it can distract from the story potential inherent in their basic premises.

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Defiance really is pretty bad so far. But it has elements I personally love so I'm waiting for the choppy plot to fix itself.

Post apocalyptic setting, a huge plus for me.
I'm not crazy about post-apocalyptic settings, but I like exotic, alien settings. I feel, though, that they haven't done enough to show that. The previews and teasers promised a radically transformed Earth biosphere, but instead we've just gotten an environment that looks like the woods outside Toronto with the occasional alien critter passing through.

Aliens. Lots of aliens.
Who have turned out to be not as imaginative as I'd hoped, either in makeup design or in culture. And we're not really seeing much interaction among them, or learning much about any of them except the Castithans and Irathients.

Brothel is interesting, Kenya has some spark to her.
This is the part that's seemed most original to me, at least until this episode botched Kenya by portraying her as so amateurish that she'd laugh in a customer's face because she was unfamiliar with Castithan sexual mores. True, Firefly also gave us a character who was a sex worker in a culture where such things were legal and respected, but we didn't see as much of her doing her job and that job wasn't as accepted by her love interest.

All that shit up in the sky falling down is nice to look at but the potential for ark-fall weird stuff of the week is high.
That seems to be more a focus of the game than the show so far. And I particularly disliked the "razor rain" concept from a logic/physics standpoint. For one thing, when the shuttle Columbia exploded just 40 miles up, its debris footprint spread across three states; the debris of a craft falling from orbit would probably be spread across the continent and an ocean or two, and probably no more than one piece -- at most -- would land in an area the size of Defiance. Two, metal fragments falling through the air, even if they didn't burn up in orbit, wouldn't come in edge-first at high speed, but would more likely waft and spin like falling leaves and quickly slow to terminal velocity. Satellite and rocket debris is constantly falling out of orbit in real life, but nobody's ever been hurt by it.
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