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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

33 pages over the span of a month and this guy *still* thinks nuE is only 300m? My advice is to give up trying to convince him. Just smile, nod, then turn back to your paper.

Anyway, I'm shocked that in the time divergence discussion, no one has brought up the Borg crash in the arctic that was discovered in that one episode of Enterprise. *That* is the divergence point. The discovery of the Borg 200+ years before Earth/the Federation was supposed to have known about them spurred the engineering projects to skip the dinky stuff like whatever came between the NX class and the Constitution in the prime timeline, and inflated the size of the Connie herself. In fact, even though we never see the Daedalus class alluded to at the end of Enterprise (the "Warp 7" ship), I'm sure that even that would have been worked over by the timeline contamination. IIRC, the prime Daedalus was barely capable of warp 4. The warp 5 project was funded mostly under the assumption that there may have been some truth in old Zefram's drunken ramblings. The discovery and subsequent dealings with the crashed Borg must've scared the hell out of Starfleet to the point of overdriving their designs to the point of being really very large.

Then again, the Xindi attack and Xindi threat didn't help ease Starfleet's peace of mind, but it sure did spur on ship tech research and development.

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