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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

I've found that different people disagree on what's reconcilable and what isn't. So I'm not sure you could decide such a thing based on a list someone else created. For me it's always been more of a personal judgment call -- and sometimes I'll go back and reread a book I counted in continuity in the past and realize something about it that makes me decide not to count it anymore, or I'll reread a book I discounted in the past and decide, what the heck, the discrepancies I saw in it before are nothing I can't reconcile. So my "model" of the Trek continuity is ever-changing and evolving -- which keeps it interesting for me, since it lets me continue to be creative with it. So I think it's more a subjective choice, something you're better off deciding for yourself than trying to find some external reference for.
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