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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

Ryan8bit wrote: View Post
I think that JJ Abrams has done a pretty good job so far with what he has
Trek movies have never been this popular. Not as much as I'd like for STID, but a very good pair of outings.

Star Trek is not and never will be that kind of blockbuster, no matter how much they try and amp it.
I think the "stigma" can be eventually reversed, myself.

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Yeah, honestly, if they're going to do the Borg, they need to do them differently than we've ever seen them. A full-on Alpha Quadrant invasion sound like just the thing to make the Borg awesome again.
Yeah. No queen, scary borg (hell, they were more scary in "Q Who" than in First Contact), large-scale threat. Throw in Klingon and romulan cooperation. Could be exciting if done well.
And that's my opinion.
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