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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

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Star Trek is not and never will be that kind of blockbuster

There is absolutely no evidence that this is at all true. However, similar trends indicate that, given the right circumstances, Star Trek can be a mega blockbuster. If sparkly vampires can rake-in nearly $900 million, then there's no reason Trek can't double ST09's take if it really wanted to.

The fact of the matter is, nuTrek really isn't that much different from old Trek. It's more flashy and hip, but it's still very derivative. It's essentially old Trek in a sexy new wrapper--err lingerie as it were.

Trek has pretty much shed the stigma. This is due to myriad reasons but mostly just because science-fiction/fantasy is way more popular than it used to be. I mean, cons used to just be something for Trekkies. Now everyone goes to cons. I'm sure things like BBT have had an impact as well. And no doubt, the Abrams films helped a lot. In any case, Trek is way more hip than it's ever been.

People didn't opt out of STiD because it was Trek but because it didn't appeal to enough to make it a "must see" over the big stuff out last month. I suspect for most people it was a "I'll wait for the Blu-ray/On Demand/Netflix" thing.

A super-spectacle changes things. Because, for a lot of people, it does put Trek in the "must see" column.

The other thing it does, which is huge, is it appeals to a younger audience. If Trek can grab the kids, then the sky's the limit.

I don't know if there are any metrics on it, but I have to think the median Trekkie age is at least 40. The franchise needs some new blood. And that's all that's missing.

ST09 made Trek whole again. STiD has made amazing inroads internationally. Bring the kids in, and there's no reason a Trek movie can't pass $500m if not $600m.

And the high-school college crowd loves sci-fi/horror stuff.
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