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Re: Section 31 after DS9

T'Girl wrote: View Post
You're implying that only the Federation's governing body can work to the Federation's best interests. Or at least what they see as it's best interests.
Yes, I pretty much am. How can Section 31 claim to be working in the Federation's interests if they are so secret? Secrecy implies corruption.

Rush Limborg wrote: View Post
What does it mean to "answer to the Federation"?
It means, to be part of the actual, recognized governmental structure - out in the open, subject to public scrutiny, and ultimately answering TO the government and public.

If Section 31 really was truly looking out for the Federation, and not for themselves, they'd work within the system. In fact, they'd BE the system. They would be accountable to the government, there would be oversight. None of those things applies. Section 31 quite literally does whatever it wants. By definition, then, they are only out for themselves.
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