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Re: A Military Star Fleet and UESPA

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In DS9 they mentioned how the Bajorian Militia would have to be "incorporated into Starfleet"
Well the relaunch novels, especially the Worlds of DS9 novel about Bajor, go into a lot of detail about the process of incorporating the Bajoran Militia into Starfleet.
I believe the term used was absorbed, as in to accommodate or take in.

When a new member joins NATO they have to alter their military structures so as that they can conduct joint operations with other NATO members . But the member retains "ownership" over their military forces.

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No. If it's the Federation Starfleet rather than the United Earth Starfleet, that means that it is an agency of the Federation government (rather than the United Earth government).
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Look at it this way, when a Turkish warship is the command ship of a NATO fleet (like off the horn of Africa), it is referred to as the NATO flagship, but it's still a Turkish warship.
In addition to that example, consider this ...

When Brazil assumed command of the United Nations Interim Force task force (Lebanon) in 2011, the frigate União (Union) identified itself officially as the flagship of the United Nations Interim Force. And not officially as a Brazilian naval vessel.

Today, in addition to the Brazilian frigate Constituição (Constitution), the UNIFIL task force is currently comprised of 2 ships from Bangladesh, 3 ships from Germany and 1 ship each from Greece, Indonesia and Turkey. All these ship remain part of their home Navy's, but are also part of the United Nations Interim Force to which they are attached. This would be how they would referred to themselves.

Federation Starfleet = NATO fleet = United Nations Interim Force.

None of the ships are owned by the organization mentioned, but they are attached to it, and refer to it in communications.

the Federation President is referred to as Starfleet's commander-in-chief in DSN
Actually he refers to himself with that term, and no one else ever does. And it is truly strange that he would self-describe himself as such, given that it's made perfectly clear over the course of the show that it is the Federation Council, and not the "commander-in-chief" that is providing instructions to Starfleet.

When have you ever seen in real life (the news), a TV show, or a movie, a US Naval vessel receiving instructions from "Congress?"

It's the Council and not the President that possess the power of commander-in-chief (if not the title).

we see Starfleet taking orders from the Federation Council
If the Member worlds of the Federation formed the Federation in the first place to provide for a common defense (other things too), then this would be expected.

In the case of NATO, there is "SHAPE" (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) it is the Headquarters of Allied Command Operations.

Allied Command Operations is responsible for all Alliance military operations, analogous perhaps to Starfleet Command.

When different Members starships operate together, they are the Federation's Starfleet.

ENT's scenic artists may have revived UESPA for their 22nd Century United Earth Starfleet, but the Federation Starfleet is clearly a different thing.
Hardly clear at all.

Today many countries have a "Navy." Why would it be odd if both United Earth and the Federation both used the term "Starfleet?"

There is no evidence whatsoever that the Starfleet seen outside of ENT is an Earth organization. It is the Federation Starfleet, not the United Earth Starfleet.
Or there is in fact a "United Earth Starfleet" and when United Earth deploys portions of it's fleet to operate in combination with other Federation Member's starships those ships are part of the "Federation Starfleet."

Christopher: "I see. Did the Navy ... ?"
Kirk: We're a combined service Captain. Our authority is the United Earth Space Probe Agency.

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