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The good... Kirk & Spock are once again excellently done. The rest of the Enterprise crew, when they got any screen time, was fun to watch. Most of the design and fx are good. Nice addition of Section 31 and liked the "Khaaaaaaaan!!!" scream. Seems the 5 year mission is now, hopefully, where things go.

The bad... I guessed pretty much the entire story, who the villain would be, and the exact ending months ago. There were no surprises at all and that made just about every important moment a big yawn.

Cumberbatch is a fricken wooden log on screen. No charisma at all. Ricardo's Khan is way better, even though his is more poorly written. Khan2 actually seemed like a genetically enhanced villain, where Khan1 was a mustache twister. But Ricardo had so much damn charisma he came across as a total badass. Also, it's simply stupid having a whiter than white English dude play a middle eastern guy.

There was no point to having the blonde twit in the movie at all. Her screen time should have been given to others who sorely needed it, namely Chekov, Scotty & Bones... who served no purpose other than delivering one liners.

The entire intro sequence is one big plot hole and a better method could have been written, or just a simple rewrite, to get Kirk demoted.

Klingon helmets..... ugh. The entire Kronos sequence was a let down.

Worthless Nimoy cameo.

It's a decent popcorn flick, but like the first movie the villain is lame and overall story lacking.
Those two bolded sections pretty much nullified your whole review to me.

For the umpteenth time, Khan was NOT middle eastern.
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