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Cumberbatch is a fricken wooden log on screen. No charisma at all.
Well, that's certainly different from what most people have said.

Also, it's simply stupid having a whiter than white English dude play a middle eastern guy.
Khan's never been identified as Middle Eastern. McGivers guessed he was Sikh (and the name Singh is consistent with that), and depicted him as such; which is a religion, not a race, though it's primarily made up of people from South Asia. He most likely conquered the Middle East along with South, Southeast, East, and Central Asia during the time he ruled 1/4th of the Earth.

Plus, as has already been mentioned, Ricardo Montalban was a white man of European descent born in Mexico. They gave him some skin darkening makeup in TOS but none in TWoK.

Her screen time should have been given to others who sorely needed it, namely Chekov, Scotty & Bones... who served no purpose other than delivering one liners.
Chekov was appointed Chief Engineer and repaired the ship's sabotaged engines, Scotty made a morally courageous stand and then prevented the destruction of the Enterprise by sabotaging the enemy ship, and Bones discovered the Augment cryotubes and saved Kirk's life with a blood transfusion from Khan. Yeah, it would have been nice to see more of each, but they hardly served "no purpose."

The entire intro sequence is one big plot hole and a better method could have been written, or just a simple rewrite, to get Kirk demoted.
Explain how it is a "plot hole." I can get not liking it, but that doesn't necessarily make it a plot hole.
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