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Re: The Prime Alternative

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I think itīs inevitable to ask at this stage:
The D-7 and the Romulan BOP (and/or other ships) will be the next steps in this project ? If so, Iīll be anxiouslly waiting for news.
We don't have any plans for that yet, but I would love to update them too, one day. We've got to get this model finished first though.
Seems to me if the idea is to say that the Prime Alternative is what the TOS Enterprise would have really looked like in a universe freed from the constraints of 1960's TV production (and a ship one could easily see becoming the TMP version with just a few upgrades), then the Klingon D-7 would pretty much remain the K'Tinga-class from the films (which was just the same ship with a lot more surface detail anyway).

The Romulan that's a good question. The TOS version of the BOP doesn't really look much like anything that came from Romulus before or since - Enterprise's version actually comes off as a better predecessor to the TNG Warbird. And it doesn't help that we never saw a TMP version of a Romulan vessel. I'd be very interested to see you tackle that one next, Rick.
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