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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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^^ Why unenviable?
The elderly, former Mayor of Defiance woman is this series's Kai Winn. At least that's the opinion I have after watching the last few episodes.
Star Trek's Data's Mom is Defiance's Star Trek's Evil Nun?

The first episode of Primeval is dire, but it gets better quickly. The outsider group chasing dinosaurs suddenly have to contend with the (Canadian) Men in Black and...

Warehouse 13, plateaued quickly. It's damn good, but it's not going to get better or worse because it's (mostly) stuck with it's bug hunt cookie cutting plotting, Although, the show has one season left. It's been precancelled for next year.

I took a step away from Sinbad after one awful episode.

Doctor Who doesn't count. Foreign filth.

Continuum is outstanding. Season one was iffy, but there's only been one truly shitty episode this year and we're past the half way mark.

Orphan Black might qualify as Science fiction?

Although if you're going to bring foreign filth into this "The Almighty Johnsons" which I suppose is more fantasy than science fiction, but in jail we all share the same bucket, makes me tingle all over... Which is going to be remade into something yanktastic soon, since the season one scripts have been sold for a massive pile of green.
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